Ranch Club

Ranch club is a VIP membership that gives you access to the best cuts of meat first! Every month, every other month, or every three months, I create a box just for you and your family! You select a "ground beef", "premium", or "family style" box, and the size of box you would like. Family style boxes are packed with budget, family friendly, cuts like roasts and ground meat. Premium boxes included some great cuts like steaks and chops, and could also include ground meat or roasts, ground beef boxes are ground beef only. There are no commitments, you are in complete control of your membership! You can pause, cancel, or change at anytime, with a simple email with your request: redmoonranch17@gmail.com. As a courtesy, I request that you commit to at least 4 membership boxes over the course of a year. If you prefer to build your own boxes, at any frequency you would like, you can shop a la carte cuts on the online shop. Home delivery is available to locals, or you can pick up on the ranch or at the Worthington farmers market. Please specify at checkout how often you would like to receive your Ranch Club box, every month, every other month, or every three months. Be a part of the ranch with this VIP membership!