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Our Ranch’s Story

My name is Shelby Toops, I am a first generation rancher, and the owner of Red Moon Ranch! My passion for livestock and animals started as a little girl. It was not until high school that I got truly involved in agriculture. I got started into the FFA program in school, and started taking livestock projects to show at the county fair. I knew then that I wanted to spend my life in the agriculture industry. I created my business and ranch from the ground up, starting in 2017. My family did not come from an agriculture background, so it has been an adventure to say the least! I married my husband, Douglas, in September 2019. He helps out a lot with the behind the scenes tasks: building barns and fence, loading livestock, and really any of the tasks that are tough to complete by myself. You won't see him often on the front line, but things could not be done without him! We purchased our farm and lifelong home in 2018, and have been improving and expanding ever since! 
On February 1st, 2022, we welcomed our first child to the ranch, Douglas Allen III! I call him "T" for third. He has changed our world for sure, and we are so excited to raise him on the ranch! 
I started with my first batch of 20 meat chickens, and now I raise it all! Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and chicken and duck eggs! I have to say, my favorite animal to raise is cattle. They have always had a special place in my heart! All livestock get the same amount of love and attention, but I had to tell you about my favorite! To speak more about that, I LOVE my livestock. To me, they are part of the family. They get pets and scratches everyday, sometimes they get treats too! Chickens are not too picky, but the pigs especially love marshmallows! The livestock on the ranch are raised ethically, and have the best lives we can give them. They all have the option to go outside on pasture and enjoy the sunshine whenever they please, or spend the cold days in the barn. They are also raised naturally with no added hormones or antibiotics. 
We look forward to sharing our products with you and your family!

Ordering Details!

Shipping - Orders are shipped every other Tuesday from our Ranch to your doorstep! There is a $100 order minimum for shipped meat orders. We are temporarily offering free shipping!

Local Delivery - Free local delivery is available to surrounding areas with an order minimum of $100. (see local pick up or delivery page for more info.)

Local pick up - local pick is always available at the Ranch or at the Worthington Farmers Markets on Saturdays! (see local pick up or delivery page for more info.)