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Are all your animals pasture raised?

YES! All livestock; cattle, hogs, lambs, and chickens, have access to green grass and pastures!

Is your beef or lamb grass fed?

Our cattle and lambs are free to roam and eat on pasture year round. We finish our cattle and lambs on a custom grain ration, from a local feed mill. Our hogs and chickens are also fed using custom grain rations. We believe that both a grass fed and grain fed animal produces the highest quality product with the best flavor, with all the benefits of a grass fed lifestyle.

Is your beef dry aged? What does dry aged mean?

All Red Moon Ranch beef is dry aged at least 14 days, down to the ground beef. Dry aging beef provides optimal flavor and tenderness, which makes our beef so special! This process involves the beef hanging in a climate and humidity controlled cooler for 14 to 21 days.